Sunday, July 9, 2017, 10:10 a.m., Rob Brink, Courageous Candor: our antidote to fake outrage and shallow niceties

Last time Rob spoke at Sauk Free, his talk brought out some much-needed, and very courteous, pushback. One of the great strengths of this congregation is that we talk back. We don't just accept what's said. We engage our minds. We engage each other. Your courageous candor inspired Rob to take his talk back to the drawing board to try again. Come listen to the latest of Rob's continuing essays on humanist virtues for uncertain times.

Sunday, July 23, 2017, 10:10, Annual Joint Meeting of Unitarian Universalists. Join us along with members of the Prairie UU in Madison for a program and potluck. Robin Proud and Sandy Ingham will preside.
Second and Fourth Sundays at the Free Congregation

Second and Fourth Sunday programs begin at 10:10 am with our ‘gathering’ music.

All Second and Fourth Sundays include a Unitarian Universalist order of service. A description follows.

Gathering. At 10:10 am, our musician will play J.S. Bach’s “Prelude in C major” to announce the start of the program.

Announcements. A member of the congregation, usually the President of the Board, will provide brief news and describe upcoming events. New visitors are invited to say a little about themselves if they wish.

Music. The congregation sings two hymns, generally from the UU hymnal. Our musician may also sing and play a variety of other music: classical and Broadway musicals are favorites! UU Sundays always begin with a musical prelude and end with a postlude.

Joys and Concerns. Sharing the joys and concerns in our lives strengthens our community and provides an opportunity to give and to receive comfort, support, and companionship. Guests and members are welcome to share. We do not have one particular ritual associated with this sharing: we might light candles, we might place a pebble in water…

Readings. These are poems or short selections of texts that connect in some way to the theme of the program.

Reflection. A reflection generally takes about 15-20 minutes; the subject matter is drawn from a variety of religious topics. The goal of the Reflection is to spark thinking, feeling, and discussion about the topic. Topics have included freedom, forgiveness, play, and relationships.

Congregational Dialogue. Religion is something to explore with others. Our congregation believes that this part of the program is especially important; many of our guest ministers and speakers, unaccustomed to “talkbacks” as part of a Sunday “church” program, find it particularly exciting. Attendees are invited to respond to the Reflection or, more generally, to the theme of the program. Discussions get lively!

Please join us; you are always welcome!

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