March, 19, 2017, 10:10 a.m., Dan Odden, a volunteer with Lutheran Social Services refugee program, will speak. He is deeply involved with the program. Dan lives in rural Sauk City and is a retired Lutheran pastor who is a "free thinker".


Third Sundays at the Free Congregation - Free Thought Forums

Free Thought Forums continue the legacy of free and open inquiry established more than 150 years ago by the founders of the Free Congregation. As their Sunday programs did then, today’s Forums express our commitment to free thought in religion, guided by reason, and inspired by the “books of Nature and World History.”

Third Sunday Free Thought Forums begin at 10:10 am with an invitation to be seated, followed by brief announcements. The guest presenter then begins, and speaks for 25-30 minutes. Open comments and questions follow the presentation. We usually adjourn by 11:20.

Please join us; you are always welcome!

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