The Free Congregation of Sauk County is a congregational polity, which means that on the most essential matters - such as the hiring or dismissal of a Speaker or Minister, the approval of the annual budget, the adoption or amendment of the bylaws - the congregation as a whole is the decision-making body. All lesser matters and decisions are entrusted to an elected Board of Directors, which receives regular advice and guidance from our professional staff and standing committees - and, directly, from our membership. One advantage of our relatively small congregation is that each member is very likely on pretty familiar terms with at least one Board member.

We’d like to introduce you to our current Board of Directors:

  • Susan Larkin, President
  • Eleanor Chiquoine, Vice-President
  • Glen Johnson, Treasurer
  • John Rigby, Secretary
  • Susan Michaud, Member-at-large
  • Susan Larkin, Member-at-large
  • Wood Weller, Member-at-large

All Board members except the President and President-elect are elected to two-year terms. (These two-year positions are staggered so that not all terms expire at the same time, thus ensuring some degree of Board continuity.) Elections are held at our annual meeting, usually the 2nd Sunday in June. Our bylaws do provide for the possibility of Presidents and President-elects serving consecutive one-year terms.

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