Our Statement of Purpose
We, the members of the Free Congregation of Sauk County, choosing not to be governed by a fixed creed or dogma but rather to be guided by the principles of both our Free Thought founders and the Unitarian Universalists, come together as a religious community to help one another in strengthening the spiritual, ethical, and moral dimensions of our lives, and to be of service to our world.

-- adopted January, 2004; revised and affirmed January, 2007

As the beneficiaries of two strong and vital traditions – Free Thought and Unitarian Universalism - we undertake to provide:

  • A forum where individuals from diverse backgrounds can meet to participate freely, and without constraints of dogma or creed, in the give and take of ideas relating to personal development, the growth of mind and spirit, social justice, and the unique heritage of the Freie    Gemeinde;
  • An open and accepting environment in which we can continue to explore and clarify our identity and beliefs, both as individuals and as a congregation;
  • A place for our children to explore ideas and values in a community that embraces diversity and practices trust;
  • Opportunities for group action and service related to our mission, values, and concerns;
  • A cultural resource for the greater community in which we live.

-- adopted 1996

Free Congregation of Sauk County
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